DATAXIS reserves the right to refuse any applications for an operator pass according to the criteria below.

Pay TV, OTT platform and Telco: A company that provides telecommunications and/or Internet/data and/or pay TV/video services to domestic consumers.

National Broadcaster: A national company that provides a collection of TV/radio stations sent over the air to all receivers in their domestic market from the same unified source

To clarify, our definition operator does NOT include:

* Companies/subsidiaries/division whose primary purpose is the provision of telecommunications and / or Internet / data services / TV channels & content TO business / corporate / institutional end users (B2B activity) including satellite and fiber operators.

*Companies/subsidiaries/division whose primary purpose is the TV Channels and content distribution outside their domestic market. Select the TV channels & content provider pass category.

*Software and/or hardware supplier, IT/consulting/integration services vendor to the TV, Telecom, OTT, video, music, entertainment sector do NOT qualify for this type of pass. Select the general registration pass category.