Hossam Saleh


Chief Operating Officer | Egyptian Media Group

Hossam is a leading business executive with wide professional TMT -Technology, Media and Telecom - experience. He spent near to 30 years in leading positions with reputable organizations. Hossam served as the Country Senior Office of Alcatel Lucent Egypt, Regional Manager at Cisco MEA and Regional Manager at Sandvine. Earlier he used to work for AT&T and TE Data. Since July 2016 to date, Hossam is the Chief Operations Officer at Egyptian Media (The holding company of conglomerate of companies – United Media Services); Egyptian Media group is one of the largest in the Middle East in media provision & its services. In his capacity he plays pivotal role in the operation of the holding company since its starting line. He Carries a B.Sc. in Data Communication Engineering. He completed several post-graduate studies in the fields of business Re-Engineering, business execution and Business Acumen. He is currently an under-graduate at the Law School Hossam has a long experience as community citizen. He is the General Secretary of the Middle East Council for Entrepreneurship and Small Projects (MCSBE), He is the founder and the first Chairman of Internet Society of Egypt, was Board Member of the Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB), Vice President of the CIT chamber of the Egyptian Federation for Industries. He is the Chairman of Maadi Lovers organization. Hossam has an active role within Rotary International in Egypt for more than 20 years