Mitja Lovsin


General Manager | STN (Satellite Telecommunications Network)

Mitja currently holds the position of General Manager of STN (Satellite Telecommunications Network) based in its headquarters Slovenia, Europe. As one of the founders of the company Mitja has more than 15 years’ experience in the industry and has been key to its commercial success. STN started broadcasting its first two channels via satellite in 2004 and with strategic planning and development plans for the company it grew rapidly and today it is recognized on a global level. Offering a spectrum of services in satellite, broadcast, telemetry tracking & equipment co-location, STN has become a trusted partner for hundreds of respected clients and their projects from all around the world. Mitja is currently on the board of the WTA (World Teleport Association) and joins them regularly for their event in Washington and is involved in many industry research reports. Prior to 2004 and his current profession, Mitja held other senior positions in other industries and was based in both Switzerland and London during his career. Mitja holds a degree in Economics and fluently speaks English, German, and Slovene.